Mate, Porro y Todo lo Demas! Princesses up on the Fitz Roy!

Just back to El Chalten after a breath taking climb up Mate Poro on the North Pillar of Fitz Roy. Madaleine Sorkin and I had yet another Princess Cruise together. Pretty inspiring to climb a really big mountain with a great girl friend! Excellent hand jams were plentiful, and the Gringos Perditos variation was great fun, super cool sculpted holds. Lucky for me the 3 bivis were so much warmer then most I have had in this part of the world, and we had plenty of food!

The summit! Fitz Roy’s top is a very special place. I am humbled by its magnitude and feel proud to have witnessed it. Madaleine is feeling stoked standing tall next to the Torres.

Madaleine was game for anything and did super well on her first route here, WELCOME to Patagoina Mad, you’r a rock star. The wet snowy icy bits were a great challenge for me. Madaleine was generous enough to let me have all that terrain and I am proud to have navigated it with some efficiency. Not exactly my forte, but I am learning! It was a bit of a last minute decision to head up Mate Poro (our original plan was too frosty) and so we did not have ascenders which meant a bit of extra effort. Following with a heavy pack felt pretty extreme. Jumaring would have been much faster…. good training for the next adventure!

bivi number 2 top of the North Pillar!


The weather is still so good, so this post is brief since I get to head back to the Mountains tomorrow morning! surte para las hypothermia princesses!

My favorite Clif Bar, the new Pan Fuerte check it out soon, and tell Clif to keep it around cause it is SO good!

Madaleine heads across La Silla to the final rappels down La Bretcha

Do I look tired or what? Glad to be home safe. Can’t wait to head back up!

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7 Responses to Mate, Porro y Todo lo Demas! Princesses up on the Fitz Roy!

  1. Jesse says:

    You two are awesome! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Leylla says:

    Sooo incredibly awesome!!! Love that photo of Mad on the ridge!

  3. Nik says:

    Great job girls that is freaking cool!

  4. Monica says:

    Out of novice curiosity: How do you keep your hands from freezing while climbing?? Or do they freeze and you are just that much of a badass?

  5. troutman says:

    hey ladies, nice job on the gorettta!!!! you two are bad to the bone.

  6. aa2643 says:

    So inspiring! Thanks for setting a new precedent of women sending hard trad routes.

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